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MINI SHEAR | 2015-12-08

Canadian Made Mini Shear -proudly build in Canada Today we announced Maple Legend Inc, is in production of Mini Shear, Specs are following: 8" Length Cutting Blade 20 Tons Cutting Force CSA/ESA Certified Fully Guarded



Teck Cable Stripper | 2015-04-02

Through continual Research and Development over the last 3 months, Maple Legend Inc. has Designed and completed a one pass teck cable stripping solution. The challenges of the project come from the aluminium insulation in large Diameters and labor...


1.5 inch -4inch Teck Cable Stripper In Production

Teck Cable Stripper | 2014-12-10

Maple Legend today is proud to announce our newest project Teck Cable Stripper starts in production. The unit will be able to strip 1.5 " OD to 4" OD teck, aluminum insulation with one single pass. Expected finish time of this project is end of Ja...


A Road to Success-Trade Show

TRADESHOW | 2014-11-23

Packed up and heading back home from 2014 Canadian Waste Expo, We are reminded why we attend trade shows:our Business is always evolving. We present our creativity,innovation, leading technology and solutions to all kind of challenges. The tra...


Armored Cable Stripper

Armored BX Cable Stripper | 2014-11-14

Maple Legend Inc doesn't do ordinary. From open-minded attitude to positive outlook makes our company find well-grounded creative solutions for our client's Needs. We are the trusted customized machinery solution provider to the world's leading r...