Maple Legend Inc. was established in 2006, starting out offering manufacturing and industrial services in Canada.

We are a privately held company based in Hamilton, Ontario Canada and is home to our 20,000+ sq foot manufacturing facility and warehouse.

Since 2011, through the acquisition of connections and established partnerships with major industrial manufacturers, Maple Legend Inc. has built a portfolio of hundreds of industrial suppliers and expanded it's operations into high volume supply of multiple industrial products. We ensure the top industrial standard quality products at competitive pricing. Maple Legend Inc. makes the biggest footprint in the region.


• Professional Engineering Design

Our engineers have over 100 years combined of industrial machinery and equipment designing experience.

Whether the job is big or small, this extensive knowledge guarantees we will always deliver the best quality and most dependable products to meet our client’s needs.

Precision Machining

Success can depend on the smallest of details. We machine to tolerances unparalleled in the industry today. Proven accuracy and exacting requirements is a must for our clients.

Brute Strength

Purchased parts and components are selected only from the suppliers that meet the highest industrial standards to ensure true heavy-duty power, performance and reliability.

Continuous Research and Development

Our products feature the latest technology combined with the most innovative design set of any on the market today. These clever design conveniences increase productivity.

We are committed to continuous improvement through an active Research and Development program that keeps Maple Legend Inc. on the leading edge of innovation.

Quality Control And Assurance Program (QA)

The Quality Control and Assurance Program is a way of preventing mistakes or defects and avoiding future problems, it allows our customers to verify what will be made to meet specifications and requirements as per our pre-production design prints.

During manufacturing production, it allows our knowledgeable staff to verify that features and functionality meet our client's objectives

On site installation, testing, and training will ensure that the final product is as precise and dependable as the client demands. And that satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Projects