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Our Latest Projects

Cable Shear Cutter Plant

*Fully Automatic Cable Shear Plant

Alligator Shear ML-1040D

*Hydraulic Tank: 20 Gallons AW32 *Max Pressure:2800 psi *Shearing Capacity: 40 Ton

Underground Cable Wire Stripper

*Remove Heavy Grease Paper Insulation From Underground Cables/Wires

ML-3000 Wire Stripper

*Strip 4" OD Larger Cable with Lead Insulation *Strip Copper Bar with PVC Coating Strip Paper Coating underground cable


ML-BX Armored Cable and Wire Stripper / Stripping Machine

Stripping BX Cable/Wire Aluminum Insulation Stripping From 1/2 Inch To 1.25 Inch OD Steel Insulation(Please inquire)

ML-HDBX Wire Stripper/ Teck Cable Stripper / Stripping Machine

Will Strip 5/8" to 4" OD Teck Cable, MC 90, ACWU 90/ Armoured TECK/MC 90


8 or 10 inch hydraulic Alligator Shear Foot Pedal Operated