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Permanent Lifting Magnet are designed for powerful lifting and safe use. It is made of high-performance magnetic material, so it is small, and light yet powerfully strong. Unique magnetic circuit and nearly no remanence. High safety coefficient and max. pull-off strength is 3.0-3.5 times of the rated lifting force. With security button, the handle can be operated by one hand, safe and convenient. There is V-shaped groove at the bottom of the lifter and it can lift corresponding round steel and steel plates with permanent magnetic force and without power supply. It can be operated in field and used to lift and carry steel products, mechanical parts and moulds.

The handle controls an inner magnetic system for safe and easy operation. When the handle is in the "off" position the Lift magnet has almost no magnetic pull. After you press the lock pin on the top of the unit and turn it to the "on" position, the lift magnet will have attracting pull to a steel load. For more safety, the handle has been locked at this position by the lock pin and the lift magnet will keep full magnetic pull until you manually disengage the lock pin and turn the handle back to the "off" position.

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PML series permanent magnetic lifter is composed of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnetic material with a high performance ferromagnetic system.There is a steel ring on top of the magnetic lifter for hoisting objects,and a V-shaped groove at the bottom for holding corresponding cylindrical objects. The force magnet guarantees the indefinite high degree of concentration also the stable strength. Mainly used in the hoisting process with hoisting work piece connection. These units truly enhance the productivity and efficiency of your staff.

  • Width: 18.5"
  • Height: 10.36"
  • Capacity Top: 4400lbs
  • Net Weight: 182.6lbs