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Multi Function machines take the hassle out of space restrictions and make your shop floor run smoother and more efficiently. These machines are designed to be flexible enough to do a great job at each of the functions it performs, but save an incredible amount of floor space that can easily get clutters with stacks of single purpose machines.

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Manual Multi-function machine with three functions: cutting, bending, and punching. Features a double speed action: avast advance for rapid approach of blades and dies, and a slower more powerful speed for punching, cutting, and bending.

  • Max Thickness: 8mm
  • Punch Force: 15T
  • Width of Sheet: 120mm
  • Net Weight: 50kg
  • Accessories: 3/8" (10.5mm), 1/2" (13.8mm), 5/8" (17mm), 3/4" (20.5mm)